The Sad Pad

Series of four mouse pads picturing the unique devastation of office work.

If you and your mouse are interested in a bad-tempered but soft-to-touch (home) office asset for the price of 20,- €  send me a message.


A collection of playful and interactive art pieces you can explore in the browser.

Circadiane Rhythmik

‘Circadian Rhythmik’ is my contribution to Manuel Boden’s ‘Twilight Zine’ published in 2018.

This two-page creation, describes the digital sleep cycles of seven acquaintances, spanning a period of ten days. The freely accessible data, gathered through Facebook’s Messenger API, is translated into an analog medium.

As we habitually engage with some Messenger upon waking, the usage data becomes a compelling reflection of both physical sleep duration and daily rhythm. This synthesis of digital information is an expression of our interconnected lives.